Welcome to Hallcarft Villas VI

Hallcraft Villas VI HOA is responsible for the budget, overseeing the maintenance of the common areas and maintaining the governing documents (including the CC&Rs, by laws, parking rules etc...). In addition the Assocation must approve all landscaping, external structures, architechtural changes, painting projects etc...

In this site you will find important information about the Management Team, Board of Directors, governing documents critical to the operation of the HOA including Minutes from past board meetings, useful community links, calendar of events and much more.. The Association was founded to help ensure that all of our community areas are properly and professionally maintained

This site is for the benefit of all residents. In partnership with the Board of Directors and Management team, information about the association can be shared in an effecient and friendly manner, as well as assisting new or prospective members of the community.

We welcome and encourge your constructive feedback and suggestions

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